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Authorized Mohave Members

Welcome, Mohave Members! Mohave Educational Services Cooperative selected us due to our unmatched ability to provide you with accurate and FCRA/EEOC-compliant background reports, first-class customer service, and our patented iReviewNow system. To view our services and pricing menu, please submit the "Registration for Approved Users" form (Step 1), and you will receive a password via email which can be used to access the documents below.
Complete and submit the Registration for Approved Users Form.
After completion of Step 1, you will be redirected to our Mohave Pre-Approved Agreement. You may either complete this agreement online with an electronic signature, or you may print a hard copy PDF version of the agreement and fax the completed version to (813) 864-0782.

Our easy-to-use guide makes ordering and viewing reports and compliance easy.
Custom Mohave Authorization that must be signed by applicants, employees and/or volunteers before ordering a background check.
Customized pricing for Mohave Members.
Overview of SecurTest and its exclusive patented iReviewNow System.
(no password required)