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  • SecurTest Ranked Number One U.S. Background Screening Company on HRO Today's Baker's Dozen List HROToday.com Also in this article: "iReviewNow - the answer to regulatory mandates"
  • SecurTest named "Best for Background Screening and Regulatory Compliance: iReviewNow┬« System" by Softech International's AI & Robotics Awards.
  • SecurTest Named Fast 56 - One of the Fastest Growing Bull-owned or Bull-led Businesses
  • Jury Awards Over $1 million to war hero in Negligent Security murder of war hero
  • How SecurTest Complies with the FCRA
  • Cover Feature: Mitigating and Managing Threats and Acts of Violence-Holistic threat-assessment strategies for retailers
  • SecurTest Celebrates 40 Years - August 23 2018 - a special message from Steven C. Millwee, CPP (CEO and founder of SecurTest, Inc.)
  • Legal Alert: Employers Must Use Revised FCRA Forms Beginning January 1, 2013
  • Don't Cease Background Screenings or Hire Unqualified Ex-Cons Because of New EEOC Directive, Says iReviewNow and SecurTest Mar 26, 2013 Steven C. Millwee, CPP (CEO of SecurTest, Inc.)
  • SecurTest Introduces iReviewNow®, the Only Patented Background-Screening System Mar. 7, 2012
  • SecurTest with iReviewNow Named Top Background Screening Company by HRO Today Jan. 2012 - Based on independent customer surveys, SecurTest with its patented iReviewNow was named top background screening company.
  • EEOC Wins $3.13 Million Settlement Against Pepsi Beverages Based on its Discriminatory Use of Criminal Histories in Hiring Jan. 2012 - How to avoid claims of discrimination in your background screening program.
  • "iReviewNow patent is the new standard in background screening" Aug. 27, 2011 - [Media - Video] Video explains how employers and the government are turning to the first and only patented background screening solution.
  • "iReviewNow patent is the new standard in background screening" Aug. 27, 2011 - [Media - Video] Video explains how employers and the government are turning to the first and only patented background screening solution.
  • Preventing and Managing Healthcare Conflict and Violence 2010 - Excerpt from Hospital and Healthcare Security, 5th ed. Russell L. Colling and Tony W. York. © 2010, Elsevier Inc.
  • "Workplace Violence Programs Rise or Fall With Staff's Eyes" AllBusiness.com quotes Millwee on developing workplace violence prevention awareness.
  • Sitting in the hot seat: healthcare security to the witness stand by Steven C. Millwee, CPP Jan. 2007 - Hospitals, like all employers, are highly vulnerable to lawsuits for negligent hiring and for negligent security when a serious incident, such as a murder, occurs. In this article, the author, an applicant-screening expert, discusses in detail an actual case in which a security officer was murdered. He reviews the lessons learned to help security professionals mitigate the risk of avoidable claims of negligence.
  • LP's Role in Preventing Workplace Violence Mar. 2006 - Steven C. Millwee, CPP - This real-life case highlights the need for loss prevention to take the lead in sensitive employee investigations and help promote programs that identify violent applicants before they become violent employees. Yet, you may often feel as if you are the lone voice in the wilderness and not know where to begin.
  • Alertness May Help Prevent Violence on the Job - Working to Stay Safe Sept. 29, 2004 - Dallas Morning News
  • St. Petersburg Times, "Asking the tough questions for employers" Feb. 24, 2003 - Steven C. Millwee explains power of asking the right hiring questions.
  • Staring Up the Stairs Feb. 19, 2003 - Steven C. Millwee explains the mindset of future-focused leadership designed for developing outstanding leaders.
  • If You Don't Ask, You May Not Find Out - A Pre-employment Screening Strategy for Discovering Prior Workplace Misconduct Jan. 2001 - Steven C. Millwee, CPP - Don't be the next victim because you forgot to ask the right questions, the right way, and always before making the hiring decision. You only get one chance to make the right hiring decision, or you may end up with months or years of dealing with the unqualified or violent employee. All because you didn't ask.
  • Pre-Hiring Preparation - Personnel Issues in Lodging Jan. 1999 - Taking the tiem to check applicants can save time and money.
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