FASTscreen Onboarding

Integrating biographical selection science with the latest technology to streamline your company’s onboarding needs.

Streamline your company’s employee onboarding with FASTscreen®. This unique questionnaire system is designed to prescreen applicants for violent or other criminal behaviors and quickly identifies applicants who do not meet your screening criteria. As part of our comprehensive background screening solution, employers use FASTscreen® to efficiently recognize quality candidates, reducing the unnecessary time and cost of interviewing unqualified applicants.

FASTscreen® includes:

  • Biographical-based questions that focus on behavior versus attitudes
  • Self-admitted history of violence
  • Self-admitted illegal drug use and sales history in compliance with the ADA
  • Self-admitted theft history
  • Self-admitted turnover and termination history
  • Self-admitted absenteeism history
  • Self-admitted criminal history and convictions
  • Self-admitted sexual predator history
  • Self-admitted harassment, bullying, and sexual harassment history
  • Safety history
  • Customer Service history

The above criteria can vary as your employee onboarding needs shift based on location and position. FASTscreen is configured to match your unique onboarding requirements.

Click here for a sample FASTscreen Report.

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