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I have tried hundreds of cases the last three decades all over the country on all types of legal matters. Having a great expert on the key issues in dispute is critical. Steve Millwee is as good as it gets for a workplace violence case. He has incredible credentials, is very thorough, and presents very well to a lay jury. His testimony in my case resulted in a good verdict for our client on a matter that may very well have been lost without his involvement, particularly when we were dealing with a very conservative court in a very conservative jurisdiction

Brent W. Coon, Esquire - Board Certified-Civil Trial Law (NBTA)

There is no shortage of experts. But the best have the ability to comprehend the entire case, to analyze the testimony of every witness and to articulate opinions in a strong, yet clear manner that juries are able to believe. This best defines Steve Millwee. His dynamic presentation skills are unparalleled. In one instance, Steve’s questions forced the opposing expert’s testimony to differ from his report, and he came to agree with Steve, which proved pivotal in resolving the case in my client’s favor.

James Glober, a Board-Certified Civil Trial Attorney

I have been an attorney for over 17 years and worked with many expert witnesses. The key in a premises liability case is having the best expert that can explain foreseeability and negligent security. Steve Millwee is the best expert in this field, bar none. His incredible credentials, background in security management, law enforcement experience, and thorough collection and analysis of the facts was detailed in a comprehensive 40-page report. The opposing expert didn’t hold a candle to Millwee. Millwee uncovered facts that we didn’t know, including how the Defendants had failed to disclose the poor lighting on the night the victims were attacked in the mall parking lot. Mr. Millwee provided detailed opinions about foreseeability, including the proximity of prior crimes, recency of prior crimes, similarity of prior crimes, frequency of prior crimes, and publicity of prior crimes. This case may have never been resolved, if not lost without Steve Millwee’s premises liability acumen.

Lynda Sorel Brennan, Esquire - Boca Raton, Florida

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