The iReviewNow Difference

Find out why iReviewNow is the only background screening solution that ensures the accuracy of reports, provides transparency for the consumer, and follows all FCRA and EEOC guidelines.


Our triple patented system is fully FCRA compliant: the consumer (the subject of the report) can electronically review his or her background report — whether it contains no adverse information or contains potentially adverse information. The employer or user has the option to allow the consumer to review the report at the same time or wait until it has been reviewed using our "Pre Pre Adverse Action®" Step. Allowing the candidate to view his report is crucial, providing the FCRA mandated opportunity to dispute any inaccuracies before adverse hiring or other FCRA impacting decisions can be made.


Subjects can review their background reports in real-time. They can Accuratize® the report when it is "accurate and complete" or instantly dispute with specificity any portion of the report. Mistakes or inaccurate information in a background report too often lead employers to pass over the candidate. Other missteps can occur when an inaccurate report is used, such as denying access privileges, volunteer opportunities, and many more decisions. These unfair practices have led to EEO claims and multi-million dollar class-action lawsuits against employers, users of background reports, and background screening companies. A recent survey revealed that fifty (50%) percent of federal lawsuits over inaccurate background reports named the user, employer, and background screening provider.1

iReviewNow is interactive with the subject of the report, which authenticates the report. Another essential feature of the patents is the optional EEOC "Individualized Assessment" component. This section allows the candidate to explain past negative behavior, such as criminal convictions, and explain self-rehabilitation steps taken since the conviction. California, among other states and cities, now mandate the Individualized Assessment.


When employers and users have the 360-degree view of the candidate and an Accuratized® report, they can make fully informed decisions. iReivewNow mitigates both the risk of making discriminatory hiring decisions, violating the FCRA, or negligently hiring unfit individuals. SecurTest's quality background screening and Accuratized® reporting can be depended on by consumers to protect their legal rights and by employers and users to keep their hiring practices fully within EEOC and FCRA mandates.

At a Glance

  • You treat the subject the way you want to be treated, with fairness and transparency.
  • You comply with the FCRA mandate for "contemporaneous" reporting to the consumer.
  • You mitigate if not eliminate potential claims for damages by consumers.
  • You ensure the report belongs to the consumer or subject.
  • You ensure the report is "accurate and complete" or immediately identifies misinformation.
  • You learn more about the candidate through self-disclosures that create an accurate report.
  • You have the option of using the patented EEOC Individualized Assessment feature in iReviewNow. This feature allows consumers to give positive reasons they should be considered for employment or authorized access despite derogatory information. This feature helps you comply with the EEO mandate to provide context to the consumer's background for employment purposes and protect your business's needs.
  • You allow applicants to identify misinformation before adverse hiring decisions can be made, preventing EEO or FCRA disputes.

iReviewNow Changes Lives -

A nurse used iReviewNow when her background check revealed three convictions for writing bad checks. Her background report included her story:

"I picked up groceries, my dry cleaning and paid for childcare by writing three checks. When I got home, my apartment was empty. My husband had not only abandoned me, but he also cleaned out our joint checking account. Two weeks later, I was arrested for writing bad checks. Embarrassed and broke, I went to court and pled guilty. I paid the fines and made restitution for the worthless checks. I never hired an attorney, as clearly I had written the checks, though I did not know there was no money in the bank to cover them."

iReviewNow allowed her to document her rehabilitation and explain why the employer should consider her despite her conviction record. She wrote, "I went back to school and became a nurse. I took responsibility for my actions and have used the experience to help teach my daughters about personal accountability. I have no other criminal history, it has been over five years since my mistakes, and I have been employed full-time working in patients' homes, receiving outstanding reviews from my employers, patients, and their families."

SecurTest investigated and found in the divorce filings verification that the nurse had informed the court of her husband taking the money from their joint account. It also confirmed that she paid the fines and restitution as she had claimed. The new employer hired the nurse. The HR VP said, "iReviewNow gave us important context. We weighed the conviction history, facts of the crimes, and her rehabilitation efforts and concluded that she deserved a second chance." Isn't this how you want to be treated, much less your applicants and employees?

iReviewNow Changes Lives - A physician used iReviewNow when his background check revealed that he was a registered sex offender. "At first, I was shocked to fine that another person with the same first, middle, and last name, not only had my same date of birth, but that my name is most unusual. I have never lived or visited the state where this man is a registered sex offender. I immediately used iReviewNow and disputed the accuracy of the report. I had been denied employment with two other hospitals without knowing why. iReviewNow and SecurTest immediately reinvestigated my dispute in mere hours. They had my photograph from my driver's license and compared it to the photo of the registered sex offender, which was not publically available. In minutes, SecurTest issued a new report, notified the hospital, and I was hired. Now I know why the other hospitals did not hire me. These hospitals and their background screening provider never notified me of their findings or adverse decisions violating my FCRA rights. Thanks to iReviewNow and SecurTest, I am able to now prove that I have never been convicted of a crime and am not a registered sex offender. Any employer that does not use iReviewNow faces litigation risks of getting a background check wrong!" Isn't this how you want to be treated, much less your applicants and employees?

To learn more or find an authorized licensed user of iReviewNow, call (800) 445-8001

A Special Message to Applicants, Employees, and Consumers

Employers using iReviewNow give you confidence they meet the highest standards in transparent communication about your background information. You see what they see when they see it. Once your background check is complete, you will receive an instant email, text message, or notice explaining how to see your report securely. You must check your email and spam folder frequently to review your report upon notification. You may also request a copy be mailed to you or print it online. Our founder, president, and CEO, Steven C. Millwee, is the inventor of iReviewNow, as well as one of the leading experts on background screening and security today. Thus you can be sure that your information is accurate with iReviewNow while allowing you to explain any disclosed information in real-time. Frequently check your email after signing the Consumer Authorization to take advantage of reading your background report.

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1 Research based on federal court filing codes and review of federal court cases.