Global Background Checks & Screening Services

Enhance hiring accuracy with SecurTest's global background screening services.

Our patented technology ensures accuracy, efficiency, and transparency, making us the go-to provider for organizations worldwide. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you make informed decisions, streamline your hiring, and maintain the highest standards of compliance and security in your organization.

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Patented Accuracy

Our unique iReviewNow System lets subjects view and dispute their background reports in real-time, ensuring accuracy and fairness.

Global Compliance

Navigate international hiring laws with ease. Our services adhere to the legal requirements of various countries, covering everything from criminal records, education verification, and employment history.

Speed and Efficiency

Streamline your hiring process with our efficient screening solutions. Our dedicated turnaround times help you fill positions faster without compromising on quality.

Personalized Customer Service

Get direct access to our expert team for any queries or concerns. Our commitment to real-time support ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience for all clients, applicants, and employees.


Screening Services

We offer advanced global background screening solutions. Our patented iReviewNow system ensures accuracy and compliance with FCRA, EEOC, Fair Chance, and state and local regulations. We work with your legal counsel to make sure our background reports meet your compliance needs. Benefit from real-time updates, reliable global background checks, and seamless HR system integration.

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Background Check 21

SecurTest offers the Background Check 21 program, exclusively for Wells Fargo, ensuring thorough and secure FDIC-compliant screening. Our service includes quick setup, comprehensive background checks, and the patented iReviewNow system for transparent reporting. Learn more about how we can streamline your background screening process.

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Expert Witness

With 45 years of experience, Steven C. Millwee, CPP, provides nationwide forensic expert witness services. Specializing in premises liability, workplace violence, negligent security, and background screening, his expertise encompasses Security Management standards, Retail and Nightclub Security, Negligent Hiring, and more. Trust his seasoned insights for your legal needs.

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FBI Background Checks

Gain peace of mind with our comprehensive global background checks and screening services. We offer FBI Background Reports and Apostille certification for educators applying to International Schools, along with global verification services for education, employment, and criminal history.

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Global Background Checks

SecurTest sets the standard in global background screening with an award-winning, patented iReviewNow System. Trusted by governments, banks, and schools worldwide, we offer accurate and transparent checks for expatriates and job seekers. Discover how our innovative services can streamline your screening process.

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