Advanced Background Checks And Screening Services In Chicago

Discover the reliability and accuracy of SecurTest’s background checks and screening services in Chicago.

Our expertise ensures every report is comprehensive and compliant, helping you make informed decisions swiftly and effectively. Connect with us today to see how our background checks and screening services in Chicago can streamline your hiring process and safeguard your organization’s integrity.

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Why Our Background Checks and Screening Services in Chicago

SecurTest enhances your hiring process with advanced background checks and screening services in Chicago, focusing on accuracy and reliability.

  • Patented iReviewNow System: Our unique system allows candidates to view and dispute their background reports in real-time, enhancing accuracy.
  • Comprehensive Compliance: With over 45 years of expertise, we ensure each report complies with FCRA and EEOC guidelines to minimize compliance risks.
  • Rapid Turnaround Times: Our background checks and screening services in Chicago deliver quick and thorough results that help you fill positions efficiently.
  • Expert-Led Services: Led by industry veteran Steven C. Millwee, our team provides reliable, insightful screenings to support informed hiring decisions.
  • Global Reach: Trusted by various U.S. and international institutions, our services cater to both local and global requirements with precise, culturally aware screenings.

Our Background Checks & Screening Services in Chicago

At SecurTest, we specialize in comprehensive background checks and screening services in Chicago to help employers across the globe find quality candidates. With over four decades of expertise and our patented iReviewNow system, we ensure the accuracy and transparency of our reporting, which upholds the highest standards of FCRA and EEOC compliance.

  • Comprehensive Background Screening in Chicago: Delivering detailed checks that encompass criminal records, education verification, and employment history to ensure thorough vetting.
  • Background Check 21: Customized for compliance with FDIC regulations, providing candidates and employers a transparent platform to verify and rectify report inaccuracies.
  • Expert Witness Services: Headed by Steven C. Millwee, CPP offering forensic expert witness services in security management and premises liability.
  • FBI Background Checks: Specialized background checks in Chicago for international teaching positions, including necessary Apostille certification and extensive verification through a global network.
  • Global Background Checks: Renowned for setting industry standards, our global checks ensure efficient hiring with Accuratized® Reporting and trusted by top-tier entities worldwide.

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