In today's regulatory environment, the accuracy and transparency of background checks are paramount. Our patented iReviewNow technology introduces a new standard in employment background screening, ensuring that these processes are not only compliant with legal standards but also fair and transparent to candidates. Here are five compelling benefits of integrating iReviewNow into your background screening process.

  1. Ensures Full Compliance
    iReviewNow meets and exceeds FCRA requirements by enabling candidates to view their background reports at the same time as potential employers. This feature, known as "Pre Pre Adverse Action," provides the candidate the FCRA-mandated opportunity to correct inaccuracies, thus preventing potential harm and legal repercussions for employers.
  2. Promotes Accuracy with Real-Time Disputes
    Accuracy in background reports is crucial; even minor errors can have major consequences. iReviewNow allows subjects to review and “Accuratize®” their reports in real-time, ensuring the information is correct and complete. This direct interaction reduces the likelihood of errors leading to unjust hiring practices or legal complications.
  3. Supports Fair Hiring Practices
    The inclusion of the EEOC "Individualized Assessment" feature allows candidates to provide context to past negative behaviors, explaining steps taken towards rehabilitation. This not only helps employers make more informed decisions but also supports fair hiring by allowing subjects to present their cases effectively.
  4. Mitigates Risk for Employers
    By providing a 360-degree view of the candidate’s background and ensuring an Accuratized® report, iReviewNow significantly mitigates the risk of making discriminatory or negligent hiring decisions. This comprehensive insight helps protect employers from potential lawsuits and ensures that their hiring practices adhere to EEOC and FCRA mandates.
  5. Empowers Applicants
    iReviewNow changes lives by giving applicants the chance to be seen as more than just a report. By allowing them to verify information and provide additional context, applicants can positively influence the hiring decisions. Stories of individuals correcting their records and gaining employment through iReviewNow highlight its transformative impact.

About SecurTest
At SecurTest, we specialize in providing comprehensive, accurate, and compliant background screening services tailored for global employers. With over 45 years of experience and innovation, including the development of the patented iReviewNow system, we help organizations make informed and fair hiring decisions. Our commitment to transparency and integrity makes us a leader in the background screening industry.

For detailed insights into how iReviewNow can transform your background screening process, or to learn more about our services, contact us today. Trust SecurTest to enhance your employment practices with the highest standards of reliability and compliance.