A message from founder and CEO, Steven C. Millwee, CPP, to Our Clients and Team of Dedicated SecurTest Professionals

Panama City Beach, Florida (Aug. 23, 2008) Yesterday, August 22nd, marked 45 years since founding SecurTest. We have been greatly blessed by loyal clients, clients that look to us to deliver quality professional services that meet their needs, a mantra of looking around the bend and creating innovative solutions that are cutting edge, and treating those placed in our paths with dignity, respect, and a kind word is the foundation of SecurTest. Happiness comes from serving others over others serving us.   Remember, "People want to know that we care, before they care what we know." These words were woven into the fabric of my life by my father as a young boy on our small Oklahoma farm. These same words are as important today as when he first made it his mission to teach me important life lessons and a grounded moral compass.

I wanted to express my appreciation to our employees and strategic partners. Your teamwork, dedication, professionalism, and diligence in performing the important work we do for our clients never goes unnoticed. You are part of a great team of dedicated professionals that are committed to making a difference in our world.  On of the important attributes I enjoy witnessing is your willingness to get the work done with mutual positive attitudes and desire to do what it right, the right way.  You continue to make a difference, not just for SecurTest, but also for the safety and security of millions of government and private-sector employers and employees, citizens and their families that look to us a bright line to improving their personal safety and mitigate external threats. Never think your daily work is of little significance. The child, the family, our men and women serving to protect us as Americans, government executives, to the highest levels of government know that our contribution to creating a safer world makes a difference one background check at a time.

I am very proud of our professional team of experts, our senior executive and management. They are leaders with a heart and ensure you are treated with dignity and respect.  Nothing happens by accident, and maintaining our standards, reporting accuracy, being the stop-gap between good and evil, and teamwork is our culture, by design, and never an accident. Flexibility, the ability to adapt to change, sharing your ideas to always look for areas of improvement and efficiencies continue to make me very proud and humble to have you as part of our great team.

SecurTest, Inc. originally started as a consulting firm for law enforcement agencies and attorneys. One key to our success has been a spirit of innovation. Listening to our clients needs and wishes has allowed us to develop solutions, often before the world knows they need the solution. A great example is our patented background screening system, iReviewNow. In one of the many trials where I have testified as an expert for negligent hiring over an inaccurate background check that led to the new hire murdering three coworkers, the genesis of a transparent, Accuratized® background screening solution that ensured background reports were accurate but were electronically delivered to the subject contemporaneous to the employer or user. iReviewNow has become the de facto standard by treating applicants, employees and the subject of background screening with dignity and respect. The patent for iReviewNow was issued in July 2011, with its second patent being announced last week.

The first FASTscreen Biographical Questionnaire was developed after solving a 1947 murder by creating an unsolved murder questionnaire called "UnSUB Quiz." Out of a group of 50 potential suspects, the killer gave incriminating answers, which resulted in his confessing to me after a 25 minute interview.

Christy joined SecurTest over 30 years ago right after graduating from college. Her role as our CFO and Chief Human Capital Officer has been the true genius of SecurTest. An enterprise must be equally financially healthy that finds outstanding team members, like you, that will perform their daily tasks for the greater good. "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."

I am humbled that we are entrusted to serve you, our clients, as you place your trust in us every day. The services we perform for you and your employees are the reason for our existence. I am thankful that clients that kicked started our company on August 22, 1978, remain loyal friends and clients today. We remain as equally passionate about exceeding your expectations and meeting your needs today, as your trust in us woven into our fabric of SecurTest.

Thank you for being the heart and soul of SecurTest.

About SecurTest, Inc.
Since 1978, SecurTest has been the leading provider of accurate background reports, FASTscreen biographical questionnaires, expert witness, and HR, security, and workplace violence prevention consultancy. We give our clients, from employers to the U.S. government the facts they need to make informed mission critical decisions. iReviewNow helps identify quality applicants, employees, vendors, government clearances, and consumers, while helping companies mitigate risks and navigate challenging EEOC and FCRA regulations. HRO Today named SecurTest the number one background screening provider based on independent customer service satisfaction surveys. The University of South Florida recently named SecurTest, Inc., the iReviewNow Company, the second fastest growing alumni-owned or led business at its inaugural USF Fast 56 awards ceremony. For more information on iReviewNow and SecurTest, please visit http://www.securtest.com or call 800-445-8001.

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