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Authorized Mohave Cooperative Purchasing Members

Please click on and complete the set-up documents to expedite the set-up process. Each document is password protected. Please refer to the SecurTest email, which contains your unique password. You may complete the Registration Form to receive the password (item #2). We will need items 1 and 2 completed to complete your set-up.

(1) Required Mohave Pre-Approved Agreement Ensures you are compliant with the FCRA and other laws. Click Here
(2) Registration for Approved Users / Request for Password
Complete and submit
Click Here
(3) SecurTest Background Screening Guide Our easy-to-use guide makes ordering and viewing reports and compliance easy. Click Here
(4) Consent to Conduct Background Check Custom Mohave Authorization that must be signed by applicants, employees and/or volunteers before ordering a background check. Click Here
(5) Special Savings - Your Mohave Special Pricing Program Customized pricing for Mohave Members. Click Here
(6) Why Mohave Chose SecurTest - The #1 Background Screening Provider by HRO Today Overview of SecurTest and its exclusive patented iReviewNow System. Click Here
(7) SecurTest Privacy Policy SecurTest's Privacy Policy Click Here